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Green and Low - Carbon have been a trend worldwide



PLA - is the abbreviation of Polylactic Acid which is a renewable resources made from plant - corn, and BPI certified compostable in commercial or industrial composting facilities. Our compostable hot & cold cups, food containers and cutlery are made from PLA.

BAGASSE - also known as sugarcane pulp which is annually renewable and widely used to product the sugarcane containers, plates, bowls, trays... and more.

PAPERBOARD - we use FSC certified paperboard to make our cups, bowls, takeaway containers / boxes as preferred material.


Green and Low - Carbon have been a trend worldwide 

. Countries in European and North Americal stipulated that food container must be natural and biodegradable. They had already forbidden the using of plastic packaged beverage and plastic packaging material. 

. In Asian - Pacific region such as China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan etc. They had already formulated some laws and regulation to prohibit the using of plastic food packaging.

. European and North American countries first set recyclable standards and BPI certificate for natural and low - carbon eco - friendly packaging.


Opportunity for green and low - carbon industry

. Being green, low - carbon, eco - friendly, healthy and energy conservation and emission reduction had been the develop trend for recycle economy worldwide.

. Price for petroleum and cost for plastic food packaging being keeping increasing which lost the competitive edge.

. Many countries had policy for prohibition of using of plastic packaging to lower emission of carbon.

. Government gave support by releasing the derfate tax preferential policies. 

. The demand for low - carbon eco - friendly packaging solution increased by 15% - 20% every year.


The advantages of the low - carbon green food packaging new material 

. The low - carbon green ecofriendly packaging uses annual renewable plant fiber, sugarcane, reed, straw and wheat pulp as raw material. The resource is green, natural, low - carbon, ecofriendly and renewable.

. The price rise of petroleum leads to the price rise of plastic materials, resulting in the rising cost of plastic food packaging material.

. Plastics is petrochemical polymer material. They contains Benzene and other toxic substance and carcinogen. When used as food packaging aterials, they not only jeopardize peoples health, but also heavily contaminate the environment because they are not compostable.


The low - carbon green food packaging new materials 

. The low - carbon green food packaging uses new pulp materials which are made of annual renewable plant fiber, such as sugarcane, reed, straw and wheat. Its natural, ecofriendly, green, healthy, renewable, compostable and biodegradable.

. When the low - carbon green materials are made of natural plant fiber pulp as the raw material. When used as building decoretion 3D panel, its green and healthy , free from formaldehyde contamination.

. Using natural plant fiber pulp rather than prtrochemical plastic materials as raw material, we could reduce carton emission by 60%.

FUTUR Technology is an innovative tech company focusing on sustainable food packaging   made from renewable & compostable materials, providing a broad range of eco-friendly   food packaging and related technology & service. While bringing our customers safety,   convenience and low cost, we are also committed to reducing carbon emissions, eliminating   waste, and bringing a green lifestyle to the world.

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