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10 Reasons To Make The Switch To Sustainable Food Service Packaging

10 Reasons To Make The Switch To Sustainable Food Service Packaging

Green is our colour of choice round these parts. A symbol of our commitment to more sustainable business practices and products.

Making greener, sustainable choices can often seem quite daunting, and finding ways to live with an approach that is kinder to the planet is not always the easiest, or cheapest option.

We help our customers reduce their impact on the planet by shifting to our compostable food packaging alternative.

It is unlikely the demand for disposables will ever decline. Therefore, compostable food service packaging made from natural plant materials is the wisest, sustainable choice. It still allows for your employees or customers to fuel their busy lives, whilst causing far less harm to the environment. 

Here’s why compostable packaging should be a priority for your business in 2022:

  1. Consumers are demanding it. Kiwis are actively looking to choose green products whenever they can. By giving them this option, you give your customer what they want, and they know they can come back to you for sustainable choices. 
  2. Living sustainably is top of the agenda globally and it’s no different here in Aotearoa. The New Zealand Government is banning certain single use plastics in a phased out approach between 2022 and 2025. The switch to more natural/plant based materials will be unavoidable. Why not get ahead of the game?  
  3. All our products are made from plant matter so they will naturally break down in a commercial composting facility, putting the plants back where they came from. 
  4. Our products are naturally biodegradable and the residue does not harm the ecosystem like petroleum-based plastics do. Plant matter returns to the soil as plant matter, where it belongs. It breaks down into water, biomass, and carbon dioxide within 90-180 days of disposal. In addition to their ability to completely break down, they also disintegrate into the compost with nothing left behind. 
  5. Compostable packaging stops food scraps and food-contaminated packaging from ending up in landfill, therefore reducing the environmental impact of methane emissions. 
  6. Compostable packaging requires less carbon to produce. 
  7. Our dependence on fossil fuels is reduced. 
  8. The manufacturing practices that go into producing compostable products have minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources.
  9. By putting green products into the hands of more people, you’re demonstrating that compostable doesn’t mean compromised quality. 
  10. Compostable packaging can actually enhance the quality of soil. 

There you have it. 10 reasons why Green Choice can help your business make sustainable choices for 2022 and beyond. Ready to get started? .

By choosing FUTUR TECHNOLOGY, you can rest assured that your business isn’t going to be contributing to landfill.



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