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6 Options For Eco-friendly Takeaway Containers Online

Pandemic is almost at the bay, and travel has opened big and grand. With the vast majority of people wanting to go with sustainable travel, here we have listed 6 options for eco-friendly takeaway containers online.

Healing Himalayas is an organization primarily working towards preserving the Himalayan range, have found about 15,000 kgs of waste, out of which 699 kgs is plastic. A survey showed people want to move towards sustainable travel. But, do they really mean it? If so, do they know how to? To help people with sustainable packaging options, we have some suggestions, where you can buy eco-friendly takeaway containers on your vacations.

Wholesale Disposable Paper Bowls Online

This is the perfect eco-friendly takeaway container, which you can use to carry any eatables during your travel without worrying about plastic pollution. That does not mean that you can throw it anywhere, it is still littering. Use these paper containers as a replacement for single-use plastic containers, guilt-free.

Bagasse Clamshell Boxes

Clamshell boxes get their names from the actual clam shells, because of the way they close like a clam shell. These types of boxes are convenient to carry the food that you would like to carry, while on road. Pack your snacks in these and dispose of them in a dustbin when you find one.

Round Bagasse Bowls

What is bagasse? Bagasse boxes are plant-based containers. They are made of discarded sugarcane waste. A perfect example of ‘treasure out of trash’. Earlier, the sugarcane waste was discarded after use. Now the same can be used to make disposable bagasse take away boxes. Closer to nature. Use these eco-friendly takeaway containers to carry the dry snacks and dry food items along with you on your trip.

Square Paper Bowls

We might have seen quite often Square plastic containers being used in restaurant food packaging. This is an alternative to plastic ones, Square eco-friendly containers. Because of its shape, it can be easily stacked one on top of another.

Paper Sandwich Boxes

Paper sandwich boxes are made from certified paper with a clear bioplastic window made from plants, not oil. The sturdy design is perfect for keeping sandwiches fresh and features a kraft-look exterior. These sandwich boxes wholesale aid safe storage and delivery of the packed items from source to destination.

Paper Round Pails

Round paper pails are made from certified paper and lined with waterproof Ingeo a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. Paper noodle boxes are commercially compostable. Available in three sizes with a kraft / bamboo – look exterior.This noodle box is printed kraft-look. Certified carbon neutral.Pair with one of our sticker.



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