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7 Advantages of Compostable Food Packaging

As consumers, are we asking the right questions?

During our daily purchasing life, we need to think about the products we’re buying and ask ourselves: How did it get to the shelf? What did it do to the environment to get there? Where will it go when I’m done with it?

Plastics & Styrofoams

Plastics and styrofoam products will never breakdown in our lifetime.


In an active commercial compost, FUTUR products break down in 180 days.

FUTUR Compostable Products- The Leading Alternatives To Everyday Plastic And Styrofoam Disposables.

7 Advantages Of Compostable Food Packaging:

  • .They use less energy to manufacture.
  • They are made from annually renewable plants like bamboo and sugarcane bagasse.
  • They are are non-polluting and non-toxic and break down in a commercial composting facility.
  • Manufacturing our products produces less pollution than wood and petroleum based products.
  • They are approved for food use by the FDA .
  • They help to save biodiversity and habitats.
  • They are thoughtfully designed, look great and perform well.



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