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9 Advantages of FUTUR Square Paper Bowls

Exquisite appearance is often the most important factor for many people when buying goods. Especially for food packaging, products with unique and exquisite appearance are the easiest to attract people’s attention. Food packaging design is mainly for showing to consumers. To enable it to understand the relevant information of the product, it can choose and design through a variety of factors such as size, shape.

Our range of Square paper bowl range are perfect for food vendors as they are suitable for hot and cold foods. These paper bowls are compostable, recyclable and biodegradable, making them ideal for environmentally conscious brands looking to lower their carbon footprint.; While protecting food, the unique design can attract consumers’ attention; the square paper bowl is distinguished from the conventional round paper bowls on the market by its unique design. Let your products stand out from the shelf and improve the recognition of your brand; the square paper bowl can be customized printing to better display your corporate image.

9 Advantages Of FUTUR Square Paper Bowls:

  • High quality food grade paper;
  • PLA / PE / PP coating;
  • High temperature resistance, and no leakage.
  • White / Kraft / Bamboo paper;
  • Made from FSC certified paper.
  • Matching Bowl Lid (CPLA / PP / PET);
  • Not easy to deform.
  • Design printing of bowl body;
  • Highlighting brand.



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