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A Pivotal Moment For Sustainable Packaging

There’s a pivotal moment in the consumer journey that’s both about packaging and extremely environmentally relevant – and that’s when the packaging is thrown away.

As a consumer, we invite you to join us in reminiscing about the moment when we discarded packaging. Have you also expressed the following emotions?

. This packaging takes up too much space, and the trash can is full!
. The box is also too big! Simply overpacked! Not environmentally friendly at all!
. Can this packaging be recycled?

This has given us an important revelation that consumers’ environmental awareness has risen unconsciously. We cannot categorize them simply and roughly according to those who support environmental protection or those who do not support environmental protection, but should be more scientifically divided according to the different psychological stages they are in, and corresponding guidance and education measures should be taken.

Phase 1
“Environmental protection is a matter for the government and enterprises. I cannot promote it, but I can support it.”

At this stage, the environmental protection of packaging may not be able to influence consumers’ purchasing behavior. They do not pay special attention to the environmental protection characteristics of packaging, and they do not necessarily actively choose more environmentally friendly products.

If you want to influence them, you still need to rely on the government to invest more efforts in public education and guide them through regulations and social norms.

Phase 2
“After participating in garbage sorting, I am more concerned about packaging recycling.”

Some of these consumers have expressed that after their cities started to implement garbage sorting, they became more sensitive to environmental issues, and they would take the initiative to think about the possibility of packaging recycling, and they were more sensitive to excessive packaging.

How to further give them enough knowledge about environmental protection and packaging recycling, assist them in each recycling, and help them develop good habits is the direction that brands should think about and practice.

Phase 3
“Using paper packaging and not using disposable cutlery makes me feel good.”

We have reason to believe that consumers in this psychological stage are already willing to pay for environmental protection!

They have very clear preferences and have a clear judgment on whether packaging is environmentally friendly or not. Loves paper packaging and makes them feel like they have done a good thing when they find out that the packaging they are using is a paper material. Someone even said bluntly: “I never use disposable cutlery, and I also refuse disposable cutlery when buying cakes.”

In the face of these consumers, brands should do what they want and communicate accordingly, so that they often “feel good” and strengthen their preferences.

Phase 4
“I’m more fond of those eco-friendly brands!”

Consumers at this stage are more aware of the terms sustainable development, recyclable, degradable, and reusable, and have a higher degree of recognition of the brand’s contribution to sustainable development.

This is undoubtedly good news for brands who have silently paid for sustainable development for many years. We also believe that with the joint efforts of all brands and packaging material suppliers, consumers will eventually gather at this stage!

FUTUR is a vision-drive company, focus on developing sustainable packaging for food industry to make a circular economy and create a green life in the end.

– Hot paper cups and cold paper cups with lids

– Ice cream paper cups with lids

– Paper bowls with lids

– Folded carton food paper containers

– CPLA cutlery or wooden cutlery



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