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Biodegradable Products Reduce Environmental Waste

Biodegradable Products Reduce Environmental Waste

Today it is imperative to use biodegradable food containers and other tableware products that will reduce the world’s environmental waste in landfills. Products that are compostable also assist in reducing our dependence on the need for chemicals as the compost is a natural fertilizer for plants.

Eco-friendly disposable paper plates, food service packaging and food containers are a positive step in the right direction of attaining a goal of zero waste. The amazing thing is that this biodegradable tableware can be put in the microwave and is also freezer or refrigerator safe – so foods can be kept warm or cold depending on your need.

Our environment is Earth’s most important asset so it is essential that everyone learn to improve their knowledge on how to keep it safe from further erosion. Biodegradable food packaging is environmentally friendly because it supplies beneficial micro-organisms and organic matter to the soil, thus improving the soil structure, porosity and density.

Biodegradable disposable plates and other products also improve the capacity for soils to hold water so there is less erosion and leaching particularly in sandy soils. It also improves permeability and infiltration of heavy soils so there is less runoff. Due to the diversion of compostable biodegradable food containers from a landfill, there is less air pollution from methane.

In recent years the amount of waste that has been diverted from landfills has quadrupled – however it is less than 9% – meaning that 81% is still going to landfills. Most of what goes to municipal and state landfill composting programs is leaves, grass and yard debris, which helps tremendously, but using biodegradable products will make a vast improvement in programs everywhere.

The types of biodegradable tableware products include plates, bowls, trays, food containers, cups, and serving plates along with utensils. All tableware and food service items that are sold as biodegradable and compostable must meet very stringent requirements at testing laboratories using radiocarbon analysis to determine what fraction of the organic carbon is from renewable resources.



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