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CPLA Cutlery - Heavy Duty Wholesale

CPLA Cutlery - Heavy Duty

CPLA is crystallized PLA, which combines PLA material with chalk to create a stronger bond that can withstand higher temperatures. CPLA cutlery is ideal for use with hot foods such as soups and meats. CPLA Cutlery is suitable for high-heat applications such as making cutlery and hot cup lids as it can take temperatures of up to 95°C without any deformation. PLA in its natural state is not suitable for high-heat applications as it will deform with heat above 60°C.

The FUTUR CPLA Cutlery comes with everything you need to eat any meal! The kit includes a napkin along with a heavy-weight knife, fork, and tea spoon. Each kit is individually wrapped for safe and sanitary distribution.

The cutlery is made of 100% compostable CPLA material, and is ergonomic, bringing a more comfortable experience to the user. Our knives, forks and spoons can be customized in different colors to make the product more suitable for your company’s positioning, and enhance the recognition of your product, which is different from other products on the market.

All FUTUR single use disposable cutlery has a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic cutlery.

What is CPLA?
CPLA is crystallized polylactic acid. This is created by adding chalk to PLA in the production process. Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a plant-based material derived from sugars such as corn starch or sugar cane.

How should I dispose of CPLA utensils?
The best way to dispose of CPLA utensils is to drop it off at a commercial composting site. You can collect compostable material in a compost bin and take it to a commercial site periodically.

You may also toss CPLA cutlery in the trash. It may take longer to decompose, but it is much better for the environment compared to traditional plastic utensils.

Can I recycle CPLA utensils?
No, never toss CPLA into a recycle bin. These are meant to be composted and may have negative affects on the other recyclable items.

The CPLA Cutlery sets are stronger than PLA utensils and made from a compostable material. Your customers can enjoy a sizzling hot steak and cup of soup then simply toss the utensils into a compost bin when finished. CPLA cutlery allows you to provide quality utensils while reducing your impact on the environment. Make the switch to eco-friendly utensils today!

The Attributes of Heavy Weight CPLA Cutlery
· Made from crystallized PLA, a renewable resources
· Commercially compostable, BPI & Din Certico & ABA certified
· Reusable
· Designed for better performance and light weight
· Custom design and embossing available
· Bulk, wrapped (wrapper can be printed or non-printed) & retail boxed options
. Food grade compliant
· Made from renewable & sustainable plants,not oil
· BPI&EN 13432 certified,1oo% compostable
· Heat resistant to 185 F(95 C)
· Superior design,super strong
· Cutlery kits available,wrapped with compostable PLA film
. Custom colors available

Why Wholesale CPLA Cutlery - Heavy Duty From

Environmental Friendly
All our products are 100% Compostable and Biodegradable, we are committed to preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations.

International Certification
Our products – cutlery, cups, bowls and takeaway containers, are certified by BPI, FDA & DIN CERTICO to be compostable in an industrial composting facility.

Competitive Price
Our foodservice disposables are designed and manufactured with renewable resources like corn, potatoes, sugarcane fiber or certified paperboard at affordable cost to replace the conventional plastic or foam packaging. Guaranteed low price and recyclable.

All of our packaging solutions are completely customizable. Talk to us about putting a design on your custom food containers or eco-friendly coffee cups.

So far, at least 10+ well-known brands around the world have cooperated with us to deeply explore the global eco-friendly packaging market. Such as BUNZL, CARREFOUR, HUHTAMAKI, LIDL, SPAR, WORLDCENTRIC, BIODECK, BIONATIC, BETTEREARCH, HST etc.

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David Colson2020.06.21 17:44:48
Read More
These paper cups worked exactly as designed. They're just the right size and thickness. No leakage, even with hot liquid. No defects. They're exactly what I was looking for.
Beulah2021.02.08 02:34:44
Read More
Product quality is good, quality assurance system is complete, every link can inquire and solve the problem timely!
Gloria2020.02.03 03:44:47
Read More
It's really lucky to find such a professional and responsible manufacturer, the product quality is good and delivery is timely, very nice.
Carey2021.01.18 20:58:49
Read More
Goods just received, we are very satisfied, a very good supplier, hope to make persistent efforts to do better.
Ronald Green2020.04.24 20:44:23
Read More
The cups look simple, but they are actually reusable!! I have used the same cup for coffee 4 days in a row multiple times a day.
Gail F2019.11.18 09:46:57
Read More
In China, we have purchased many times, this time is the most successful and most satisfactory, a sincere and realiable Chinese manufacturer!
Marguerite2020.07.07 10:13:24
Read More
It is really lucky to meet such a good supplier, this is our most satisfied cooperation, I think we will work again!
Joseph B. Deckard2020.02.22 09:16:38
Read More
Excellent Paper Cups, Very study, much better than the Costco cups.
Oskkar Alchemy2018.09.01 05:40:18
Read More
Good value paper bowls, this company has a lot of ready-made options to choose and also could custom new program according to our demand, which is very nice to meet our needs.
Madeline 2019.11.18 09:46:57
Read More
Customer service staff and sales man are very patience and they all good at English, product's arrival is also very timely, a good supplier.
Jeff Wolfe2021.04.19 21:27:38
Read More
Factory equipment is advanced in the industry and the product is fine workmanship, moreover the price is very cheap, value for money!
Jenny 2020.08.20 10:21:01
Read More
A nice supplier in this industry, after a detail and careful discussion, we reached a consensus agreement. Hope that we cooperate smoothly.
Agatha 2020.06.04 19:52:51
Read More
The factory technical staff gave us a lot of good advice in the cooperation process, this is very good, we are very grateful.
Hedy Doe2019.11.16 15:17:27
Read More
This manufacturer can keep improving and perfecting products and service, it is in line with the rules of market competition, a competitive company.

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