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Classification Of Disposable Paper Cups

Classification Of Disposable Paper Cups

We usually call cups made of paper materials “paper cups”. We have upgraded the production management of paper cups to the food level. Disposable paper cups are divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups.

Disposable paper cups are paper containers made from wood pulp into base paper and then processed. Generally, there are two types of coatings on the inner wall of the paper cups, one is waxed paper cups, and the other is PE coated paper cups.

Compostable Paper Cups For Hot Drinks
hot paper cups
cold paper cups


❶: Do not mix cold and hot paper cups.

❷: The two paper cups are not suitable for holding alcoholic beverages. Alcohol has strong permeability and is easy to cause leakage. The longer the time, the more leakage.

❸: Do not use disposable paper cups repeatedly, as the stiffness will decrease.

waxed paper cup

Waxed paper cups are coated with a layer of wax on the inner wall of the paper cup to isolate the food or drinking water inside the paper cup from direct contact with the paper container. It is now generally used as a cold drink cup.

Someone once said that “waxed paper cups cannot be filled with hot drinks, because the wax layer on the surface will melt and mix into the food, affecting health.”

This statement is actually not accurate. The first thing to be clear is that the wax layer coated on the inside of a regular and qualified disposable paper cup is edible wax, which is non-toxic and insoluble in water. It can be excreted when consumed in small amounts.

However, the melting point of edible wax is indeed low, and it will be more stable between 0°-5°. However, even if it is filled with hot water, a small amount of edible wax is taken into the body, so you don’t have to panic as long as you don’t use it frequently.

Therefore, using wax-coated paper cups (cold drink cups) to hold hot drinks poses the biggest safety hazard. When the wax layer gradually melts, the cup body softens and deforms when it comes in contact with water. Spilled water may burn you.

Coated (PE) paper cup

Coated film (PE) paper cups are coated with a layer of film (PE) on the inner wall of the paper cup, which is very smooth and can play a role in waterproof and oil-proof. PE is polyethylene, and polyethylene is the safest chemical substance in food processing, which is what we often call plastic.

This material is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, and has low water absorption, so it is often used as a waterproof material. Its melting point is between 120°-140°, and the boiling point of water is 100°, so it will not dissolve in water and it is safer to use.

At present, most of the disposable paper cups on the market are single-layer coated (PE) paper cups, that is, only the inner wall of the paper cup has a coated film, but the outer wall does not.

Therefore, it is not recommended to be used for cold drinks because it is easy to form condensed water on the cup’s outer wall when cold drinks are placed. The condensed water will easily soften the cup body and decrease its stiffness. The paper cup is easy to deform and causes water to spill.

In fact, the waxed paper cups on the market have decreased a lot. Most of the paper cups we see are coated (PE) paper cups. If you want to drink hot drinks, you can buy single-layer coated paper cups. If you want to drink cold drinks, it is best to buy double-layer coated paper cups. Paper cup (the outer wall and the inner wall are coated with film).

The features of paper cups:

  • 1. Light weight and anti-breakage. Compared with glass bottle cups, paper cups are lighter and have no risk of damage.
  • 2. The cost is low; the light quality can save the circulation cost.
  • 3. Good appearance effect; easy to realize printing and decoration, good publicity effect, and promotion.
  • 4. It can be combined with a variety of materials to improve the protection function. It is compounded with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent deterioration of the contents.
  • 5. Good shading performance, can better maintain the color, fragrance and taste of the contents.
  • 6. It can be operated with packaging machinery to achieve high-quality and high-speed production and packaging.
  • 7. Easy to open and seal, easy to open and easy to restore.
  • 8. Easy to handle waste and easy to recycle, which can save resources.
  • 9. Greatly promote and promote the variety of products.

The emergence of new technology to new technology, so that the paper cup manufacturing technology continues to improve, new cups will appear and to promote the promotion and more varieties of products of the.

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