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Environmental Protection, Starting From The Packaging !

Packaging: the first impression of the product, the first step to environmental protection

Excessive production has overwhelmed the earth. However, whether as producers or consumers, it is difficult for us to be independent from the infinite cycle of production-consumption. How to make changes in this cycle and save a ray of life for the earth is the production and manufacturing process. In the process, everyone needs to ask themselves big questions. We know that excessive packaging is easy to cause unnecessary consumption. However, the protection of goods through packaging can effectively reduce the damage during transportation, thereby reducing the scrap rate, so packaging is almost unavoidable. Even so, perhaps environmental protection can start from packaging.

In this competitive consumer society, the function of product packaging is no longer just to protect commodities, but more importantly to attract consumers’ attention, strengthen brand spirit, realize brand value, and then differentiate from competing products. Therefore, whether a product is successful or not, in addition to the practicability of the product itself, how to establish the symbolic value and image value from the outer packaging is often the key to success.

Environmentally friendly packaging can not only make the brand more valuable, but more importantly, environmental protection packaging preserves more possibilities for the future of the earth. Only when the earth has a sustainable future can we continue to live in it. product, and you and I live.

FUTUR is a vision-drive company, focus on developing sustainable packaging for food industry to make a circular economy and create a green life in the end.

Benefits of FUTUR Paper Product Range:

1. Whole range of packaging products, serve coffee shops to restaurants

2. 100% Tree Free, made from bamboo pulp – an annually renewable resources

3. Compostable, BPI & Din Certico & ABA certified

4. Food grade compliant

5. 100% coverage printable



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