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Excessive Packaging Of Food Has A Profound Impact On The Environment

Excessive packaging of food refers to three types of packaging, including excessive packaging, excessive materials, excessive structural design, and excessive surface decoration, relative to the food being packed: luxury packaging, false packaging, and matching packaging. For example, nutritional products have appeared in recent years, and tea has been over-packaged. The packaging of various nutritional products is particularly rampant. The weight and volume of the packaging box are dozens of times that of health products; if high-end tea is packaged well, it can indeed show the nobleness of tea. However, packaging is better than excessive packaging, which can only reduce the reputation of the product and cause negative effects.

In real life, waste caused by excessive packaging abounds. Since food packaging materials are mainly wood, steel, petroleum, etc., excessive packaging has caused a great waste of raw materials. Petroleum and steel are non-renewable resources. Excessive packaging seriously wastes these resources and has a profound impact on the environment. Even for trees, it takes more than ten years for a sapling to grow into a big tree. Therefore, saving resources is important.

It is a pity to throw away over-packaged boxes. Some elderly people store the boxes in storage. For example, the beautifully-packaged boxes are placed in the living room for sweets and the kitchen for bowls and chopsticks. Although it is not known that the exquisite packaging contains a lot of toxic substances, since it is exquisite packaging, dyes and chemical substances are definitely indispensable. Long-term use of such packaging boxes may cause harmful substances to penetrate into the food and indirectly affect human life. Although the packaging box is exquisite, don’t lose more than the gain.

Excessive packaging of food is not good for the environment and it is not good for our next generation. Low-carbon and environmental protection is the ultimate development direction.

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