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Food Packaging Industry Responds To The Concept Of Green Environmental

Packaging plays a vital protective role in the storage and transportation of products, especially in the food industry. Some food packaging not only fulfills the responsibility of protecting products from damage and attracting consumers, but also has special functions such as extending shelf life and sterilizing. Therefore, packaging is an indispensable part of the food industry. However, to achieve sustainable development, it needs to adapt to social needs.

Green environmental protection has always been a topic of common concern all over the world, and it is related to people’s lives, health and spiritual development. The recent report by Smithers Peel of the International Market Research Institute shows that as the concept of environmental protection is gradually gaining popularity, sustainable development has become the value orientation of global printing and packaging companies, practicing green printing, lightweight packaging, and improving environmental management. , Strengthening environmental awareness has gradually become a conscious action of enterprises.

Sustainable development is integrated into the corporate culture

A survey conducted by the Smithers Peel Institute in France found that more than half of French printing and packaging companies believe that investment in high-end paper, especially paper with environmental protection certification, is very valuable. Although purchasing environmentally friendly paper means a higher budget, In contrast, companies pay more attention to their environmentally friendly brands. At the same time, 75% of French paper companies said that when signing orders, printing and packaging companies prefer paper companies that have obtained environmental protection certification. Environmental certification is becoming more and more important for paper companies. Balancing corporate development and eliminating pollution has become the future development direction of paper companies. Said the sales director of French Arjovigens Paper Company.

In the United Kingdom, the practice of sustainable development strategy has become the trend of the industry. Printing and packaging companies regard low-carbon production, green printing, and maximize utilization and minimize waste as their strategic goals. More than 67% of printing and packaging companies believe that it is important to include green production in their modernization promotion strategy. 64% of companies use environmentally friendly and recyclable printing and packaging materials, and 46% of companies use recycled materials to reduce costs and save energy. 26 % Of label printing companies regard the development of biodegradable eco-labels as their R&D focus.

Green concept responds to market demand

Not only are companies strengthening their own environmental management, raising awareness of environmental protection, and improving environmental protection technology, consumers’ attention to environmental issues is also the main driving force for the implementation of green environmental protection policies. Smithers, Peel Institute survey found that environmental pressure from the public and the industry has increased the consciousness of cleaner production in printing and packaging companies, and the company’s green concept responds to consumers’ pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle.

Research shows that in the turbulent wave of green production practices in the global printing and packaging industry, the Asian market has the greatest growth potential. Consumers’ increasing awareness of health and environmental protection will greatly promote the development of the green printing and packaging industry. In 2018, Asia will become the world’s largest sustainable market for green printing and packaging, accounting for 32% of the global total.

Survey data from the Smithers Peel Institute shows that the green and environmental development of the packaging industry mainly includes lightweight packaging, increased product recycling, use of renewable materials, and improved packaging and logistics efficiency. Among them, in terms of recyclable materials, paper packaging has the highest recovery rate, followed by metal packaging, and glass and plastic have the lowest recovery rate. Although the market demand for recycled plastics is strong, but its high cost, and the shortcomings of the collection and classification management system is not perfect, so that it has not yet demonstrated its potential.



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