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Food Safety And Sustainability Dominate Food Packaging

In this special COVID-19 period, instant food packaging has become a common feature in many consumers’ lives in response to epidemic restrictions. Although the phenomenon of food hoarding will basically disappear after the epidemic, the long-term trend of restaurant delivery and the surge in social activities in the post-epidemic period will strengthen the important role of ready-to-eat food packaging in ensuring food protection and convenient travel.

According to data from Innova Market Insights, 49% of consumers worldwide believe that product protection and food safety are the primary requirements for instant food packaging, followed by product storage (42%) and product information (37%).

At the same time, the entire industry’s promotion of environmental sustainability is affecting the use of virgin plastic in packaging. It is worth noting that, in accordance with its plastics strategy, the European Union is developing a strategy to ensure that by 2030 all packaging is economically viable and recyclable.

In the United Kingdom, the plastic tax will take effect in April 2022. It is proposed to impose a tax of 200 pounds ($278) per ton on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic. Many other countries, including China and Australia, are Encourage waste reduction through legislation.

FUTUR Technology is an innovative tech company focusing on sustainable food packaging made from renewable & compostable materials, providing a broad range of eco-friendly food packaging and related technology & service. While bringing our customers safety, convenience and low cost, we are also committed to reducing carbon emissions, eliminating waste, and bringing a green lifestyle to the world. FOR A GREEN LIFE.



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