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FRESH 21™ MAP & SKIN Paperboard Packaging


FRESH 21™ is an innovator of sustainable MAP & SKIN packaging solution made from paperboard – a recyclable & renewable material. FRESH 21™ packaging speaks to the consumer’s desire for sustainability and less plastic while provided extended shelf life for fresh meat, case ready meals, fresh produce and vegetables. FRESH 21™ MAP & SKIN cardboard packaging are designed for production efficiency found with plastic – by using automatic denesters and matching production speeds.

By using FRESH 21™ packaging, together we are making a difference to the planet and embracing the circular economy.

Benefits of FRESH 21 MAP & SKIN Paperboard Packaging:

1.Proven shelf life extension with EVOH barrier

2.Compatible with existing plastic tray toolings

3.Denestable, meets industry standard production automation speeds

4.100% coverage printable

5.Up to 90% less plastic

6.Removable liner, makes the tray recyclable

7.Made with sustainably sourced wood pulp, FSC certified

8.Food grade compliant

Kraft Paperboard MAP Trays

FRESH 21™ MAP trays are made of recyclable and renewable paperboard, speaks to consumer’s awareness of sustainability and differentiates your products from the competitors.

* Soak Pad is available to apply to all the sizes. *

Kraft Paperboard MAP Bowls

Especially designed for case ready meals with microwave properties. Fill your foods in a printed sustainable MAP pulp bowl while reduce the printed label as usual, how amazing it would be?

Kraft Paperboard SKIN Trays

FRESH 21™ carries various sizes of SKIN paperboard trays for your all applications. Print your trays in low MOQ.



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