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FUTUR History

FUTUR History
FUTUR Founded

In Oct of 2010, the company was established in Shengzhou. Focus on the sales of compostable cutlery.

FUTUR History
Enter Into Paper Packaging Industry

Developed frozen yogurt supplies (yogurt cups & spoons), thus enter into paper packaging industry.

FUTUR History
Developed CPLA Cutlery

Designed the differentiated CPLA cutlery, and start to manufacture the CPLA cutlery. Meanwhile, PLA lined paper cups & bowls were included into our product range.

FUTUR History
Moved To A Larger Office

Moved to a larger (450 square meters) office.

FUTUR History
Developed REUSABLE Series Products

Developed “Reusable Clamshell & Bowl & Cup” range. Since then, we become a sustainable packaging solution provider carrying reusable & recyclable & compostable packaging.

FUTUR History
New Factory Established

Moved to Ningbo, and enlarged the production facility to 3,000 square meters.

FUTUR History
Established Hefei Branch

Hefei sales office was established, and start to do the manufacturing of paper cups & bowls in a facility with 6,000 square meters.

FUTUR History
Enter the Australian Market

Expanded the business into Australian market.

FUTUR History
Passed BRC/SEDEX Certification

Factory expanded to 9,000 square meters, and it passed BRC / SEDEX certifications; the FRESH 21 paperboard MAP packaging start to enter into the market after 5 years’ R&D.

FUTUR History
Enter Large Supermarkets

FRESH 21 paperboard MAP packaging was selected by Carrefour/LIDL/SPAR/JUMBO as an alternative to replace plastic MAP packaging.

FUTUR History
Shanghai Branch Established

Factory expanded to 15,000 square meters; Shanghai sales office was established, focus on the sales of domestic market.

Our Mission - For A Green Life

FUTUR is an innovator and leading manufacturer of sustainable food packaging solutions made from recyclable to compostable materials(like corn, potatoes, sugarcane fiber or certified paperboard), with product ranges from cutlery to take-away containers for all foodservice and retail applications. 

FUTUR replaces the conventional plastic or foam packaging at affordable cost without negative impact to the planet.


  • Customer First
  • Open, Share & Teamwork
  • Think Out of Box 
  • Focus & Perfection 
  • Get Result, No Excuse

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