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How To Choose Disposable Paper Cups?

How To Choose Disposable Paper Cups?

At present, the paper cups sold on the market or the disposable paper cups that consumers come into contact with are generally divided into cold drink cups, hot drink cups, and ice cream cups.

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In the production process, the fiber paper is covered with PE film. The PE coating on the inner wall of the disposable paper cup generally has the effect of preventing water immersion, so that the paper cup is water-proof, water-proof, oil-proof, and acid-proof. It can better protect the food in the paper cup without food spillage, external soaking, and soiling of customers’ clothes and hands so that consumers can maintain a good mood during the process of enjoying the food!

So the topic about the safety of disposable paper cups has never stopped, and everyone is eager to know the correct answer. What kind of paper cups are safe paper cups can be used with confidence without worrying about harming health.

Recently, a post like this has circulated on the Internet saying: It is best not to drink the first cup of water in the disposable paper cup, pour it out, and drink the second cup. Some people also said that the paper cups should be scalded with boiling water for 4 or 5 minutes so that the harmful substances inside can be removed.

But such a statement is not feasible, because the heat-resistant temperature of PE coating is only 100-120 degrees, and it is unrealistic to keep boiling water at 100 degrees for 5 minutes. If the cup really contains lead, arsenic and other elements for 5 minutes Can’t get out.

So now I teach consumers what details should pay attention to when choosing disposable paper cups:

 Take a look: 

First, see if the color of the disposable paper cup is very white and white. Don’t think that the whiter the disposable paper cup, the better.

The brighter and whiter it is, the large number of fluorescent agents may be added. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they will become potential carcinogenic factors.

 Second pinch:

Then pinch the stiffness of the cup body. If the cup is soft and slumped, it is likely that the cup will be deformed or leaked after the juice or beverage is poured. In serious cases, the paper cup may not be able to be lifted and affect the use.

So consumers can imagine that some manufacturers make disposable paper cups like this, and the cost is less than the cups made by regular manufacturers.

When consumers buy disposable paper cups, they can feel the stiffness of the cups by gently squeezing them with their hands on both sides of the cups.

 Three smells:

If the consumer takes the cup and gently smells it with his nose. If you can smell a heavy ink smell or a musty smell caused by improper storage of disposable paper cups and dampness, then the cups should be discarded immediately and not used.

If the cup has a serious ink smell, it is definitely not food-grade ink. If it is an industrial ink, it contains benzene and toluene. When packing, the disposable paper cups are stacked in 25-100 pieces.

If industrial-grade ink is used, then the paper cups will definitely stick to the inner wall of the cups when they are stacked, which is not good for health. The mold of the disposable paper cup will produce mold, and the mold entering the body through the beverage will inevitably have an impact on the consumer’s body.

 The above is to teach consumers the small details that should be paid attention to when purchasing disposable paper cups. Consumers must not be troubled when purchasing disposable paper cups. Don’t buy the paper cups when they look good, and don’t look at the paper cups. Buy it if the pattern on your body looks good. You must experience it yourself. For the health of your family, consumers must strictly abide by the first, second, and third smell, and completely eliminate the factors that are easy to cause hidden dangers.

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