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How To Choose Paper Noodle Packaging?

FUTUR paper noodle box manufacturer offer one-stop custom noodle box manufacturign service for global suppliers and companies. Every client can customize the coor, size, printings, and printed logo of the noodle box.

Larger quantity meals require a sturdy, grease resistant package that does not leak or tear.Our food boxes pass the test as operators serve up large meals enjoyed at family picnics,office parties or at home dinners.

We are constantly reviewing new and innovative packaging concepts with our customers to determine what is the least expensive and most effective way to package their products.From grease resistant food papers to printable bags and wrappers,our custom tailored solutions meet the most unique food packaging requirements.

All paper boxes produced in our factory are 100% sure body health, using food-grade printing, Premium wooden pulp paper, sugarcane ingredients paper and bamboo fiber paper can be chosen.

The cup-like structure gives operators a take out solution that can be used for many different applications.It is cost effective,functional and made from sustainable natural resource. Noodle box is available in white or you can choose from one of our stand.

FUTUR Compostable and  Biodegradable Paper Round Pail is perfect for noodle packaging.

16oz Round Paper Food Pails – (80*72)*D77*98mm

26oz Round Paper Food Pails – (100*88)*D93*100mm

32oz Round Paper Food Pails – (110*90)*D93*118mm



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