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How to Print on paper cups?

Many paper cups are also used for marketing purposes, and therefore they are printed with the logo of the coffee shop or the company that uses them. There are different printing methods and each method is specialized in different ways to make the printing more efficient and useful to the customers.

Offset print

Offset printing is one of the most used printing methods for paper cups and especially when printing larger quantities.The more expensive part about offset, is the printing plate. The printing process ensures that the print is the same on the first cup and cup number one million. The effective process also ensures good prices, and prices that will get lower the higher amount.

Tampon print

Tampon printing is similar to ’stamping’ process where the ink is taken from an etched metal plate and placed onto a flexible pad and later stamped onto the article to be printed. Tampon printing is known also as pad printing and is made from silicone and can adapt to any uneven surfaces.

Flexo printing 

Flexographic printing is the new modern version of letterpress and it can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate, including paper, plastic, metal and cellophane. The pros of of flexo printing are that can run at extremely high press seeds and prints on a wide variety of substrate materials, but the cons are that the cost of the printing plates are very high but if they are properly cared for, they can last for millions of impressions, also if there is a need for a complex job, it can take up to several hours to set up the printing.

Digital print

One of the most common and efficient methods of printing color pictures or documents onto paper or another material is digital printing and to most people is most commonly known as ‘’printing’’.

Digital printing is used more about newspapers because it is faster and cheaper when it comes to printing articles that needs a lot of different design in smaller quantities. This is because of the low cost for printing plates.



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