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It’s Time To Revisit The Communication Function Of Packaging

Whether it is the brand side or the consumer, they all agree with this sentence: the main function of packaging is communication.

However, the focus of the two parties may not be the same: the routine information that brands squeeze into labels because of regulatory requirements is likely to be an important trade-off in consumer purchasing decisions.

What are the details that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions?

  • Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

“It will look at the shelf life, ingredients, energy table.”

“The selling point written on the package is very effective for me, such as adding XX bacteria, I will buy it; zero sugar and zero calories, I will buy it.”

In the survey, we found that the new generation of young consumers are very concerned about the ingredient list and energy list. They seem to be more enthusiastic about comparing ingredient lists and nutrition labels than comparing price tags.

Often a key word – “zero trans fatty acid”, “zero sugar”, “zero calories”, “reduce salt” can make them take out the payment QR code.

That is to say, such “selling points” should be placed in the most conspicuous position of the package to attract attention and stimulate purchase.

  • Origin

“The origin is important, and the weight capacity needs to be clear.”

“I may not have cared so much about the place of origin before, but I will definitely take a look at frozen products after the epidemic.”

“The identification of the origin is even more important. It is best to see Australian cattle or American cattle at a glance.”

Whether it is imported or local, the importance of the origin depends on whether it is an important selling point or not. More interestingly, it may change due to the rise of new concepts, international hotspots and even changes in the current situation.

For such information, communication methods also need to be innovative. How and when to communicate effectively is in the hands of the brand.

  • Production date and expiration date

“I really don’t like that the expiration date and country of origin are written very little on the product packaging.”

“I like packaging where you can see the expiration date at a glance, don’t hide it and find it.”

“If some product information is only written on the outer box, after putting it in the refrigerator, the shelf life and other important information will not be visible for a long time.”

The brand side usually decides where these two pieces of information will be “placed” based on the attributes of the product and the packaging production process, with production efficiency as the priority. But the importance of this information may be grossly underestimated.

Checking the production date and expiry date of a product is usually the last step for consumers to purchase. Allowing consumers to quickly complete the inspection work can quickly facilitate transactions. This logical business often gets stuck at this juncture, and there are many consumers who give up the purchase because the information is too “concealed” and “unavailable”, and even have “resentment” towards the brand and product.

It’s time to revisit the communication function of packaging.

When the brand side replaces plastic packaging materials with paper packaging, it is an important reason that “paper packaging is more conducive to communication”. Paper packaging can help brands through a larger communication layout and more diverse printing processes. Fang will communicate better and highlight the sense of value.

FUTUR Technology is an innovative tech company focusing on sustainable food packaging made from renewable & compostable materials, providing a broad range of eco-friendly food packaging and related technology & service. While bringing our customers safety, convenience and low cost, we are also committed to reducing carbon emissions, eliminating waste, and bringing a green lifestyle to the world. FOR A GREEN LIFE.



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