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Replacing Plastic With Paper, These Paper Packaging Subvert The Imagination!

Plastics are the material of choice for food packaging due to their low cost, strong formability, light weight and biological inertness. However, the white pollution caused by plastics puts a heavy burden on the environment.

Faced with this problem of global concern, do we have a corresponding solution to partially replace it? Perhaps, the following creative paper packaging can open your mind!


Designer:Eric Smith(America)

Traditional beverage cartons are composited by film and paper. In order to recycle them, paper and plastic must be separated. This requires a special process that is expensive and cannot be widely used. Therefore, in the United States, only 16% of beverage cartons are recycled. In the EU Only 49% of beverage cartons are recycled.

Bruk beverage cartons are designed to solve this problem. It uses two-layer packaging, the inner packaging is HDPE plastic soft packaging, and the outer packaging is paper packaging. When recycling, consumers only need to tear the carton in half along the easy tear line to easily separate the inner and outer packaging. The process is very simple and interesting.

Bruk is as convenient and easy to use as traditional beverage cartons, but it effectively solves the recycling problem of beverage cartons and enables 100% recycling of the inner and outer packaging.


Designer:David Sany(China)

FRESH 21™ is an innovator of sustainable MAP & SKIN packaging solution made from paperboard – a recyclable & renewable material. FRESH 21™ packaging speaks to the consumer’s desire for sustainability and less plastic while provided extended shelf life for fresh meat, case ready meals, fresh produce and vegetables. FRESH 21™ MAP & SKIN cardboard packaging are designed for production efficiency found with plastic – by using automatic denesters and matching production speeds.

By using FRESH 21™ packaging, together we are making a difference to the planet and embracing the circular economy.

Benefits of FRESH 21 MAP & SKIN Paperboard Packaging:

  1. Proven shelf life extension with EVOH barrier
  2. Compatible with existing plastic tray toolings
  3. Denestable, meets industry standard production automation speeds
  4. 100% coverage printable
  5. Up to 90% less plastic
  6. Removable liner, makes the tray recyclable
  7. Made with sustainably sourced wood pulp, FSC certified
  8. Food grade compliant



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