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The Features Of Disposable Coffee Cups

The Features Of Disposable Coffee Cups

Disposable coffee cups is not uncommon for anyone. Do you have a detailed understanding of it? Do you know the product requirements? The details are as follows.

1. Paper surface exquisite

Requires control the roughness value for printed side of base paper or PE coating side, meet the exquisite of paper cup surface printing requirements.

2. High safety and health

Base paper and paper cups regularly are sent to the local national health and epidemic prevention system for health safety testing to ensure the users’ safety.

3. High whiteness

As the name implies, disposable coffee cup is used for diet. Without the use of fluorescent agent, it is need to keep the corresponding paper whiteness in base paper, to ensure clear and beautiful for the printed pattern.

4. Easy forming

It is mainly to create paper cups to avoid the process of making paper jams and wrinkles, and the formation of the paper cup is not easy to deformation, which require base paper high stiffness, good flatness, appropriate loose thickness so that can be formed easier.

How To Choose The Best Disposable Coffee Cups?

  1. smell

Open the outer packaging of the paper cup and smell the smell of the paper cup. The qualified paper cup should have no smell. Unqualified paper cups, such as industrial paraffin, are not food grade, but non-food grade recycled PE, there may be some unstable low molecular components freed, releasing odor, if dressed Hot water, etc., odor may be more obvious, such a situation should be treated with care.

2. pinch

National standards have cup body stiffness and cup bottom strength requirements for paper cups. The paper cup is very soft and slightly flattened. It may be a product that cuts corners and is not easy to use. It is easy to use this paper cup to get hot water and cause accidental injuries such as burns.

3. according to

Fluorescent whitening agents are not allowed in paper cups. Some illegal products are made of recycled paper, and the whiteness is not enough. Add fluorescent whitening agent to use as raw pulp paper. Although there is currently no evidence that the absorption of fluorescers can cause harm to humans, fluorescers have been listed as one of the potential carcinogenic factors. If it contains a fluorescent substance, it will emit blue fluorescence when it is irradiated with ultraviolet light. Consumers can use this principle to perform preliminary verification using a counterfeit pen that emits ultraviolet light. Although the fluorescent agent does not penetrate and migrate into the food quickly in the presence of the coating, there is still a potential hazard. According to the standard, if the area of the cup emitting more than 5% of the fluorescent material is a defective product.

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