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Turn The Bagasse Into A Food Packaging, Let’s See How FUTUR Makes It

Looking at the tempting food in the picture, are you a little hungry? Do you know what the beautiful lunch boxes in the picture are made of? PP? PS? or paper? Not for sale anymore, it is actually made from sugarcane pulp made from sugarcane bagasse!

Disposable food packaging need to be more environmentally friendly, but we can still find that there are many disposable plastic products around us. The disadvantages of disposable plastic food packaging that are difficult to degrade and environmentally friendly have been criticized. Environmentally friendly materials that can replace plastic to make disposable food packaging are also constantly being explored.

Currently, disposable environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes are the preferred alternative to disposable plastic food packaging. The use of non-toxic, harmless, clean and non-polluting disposable environmentally friendly paper food packaging that meet the national food-grade health and safety standards and environmental protection regulations, and are made with no added standard raw materials, not only safer and healthier in use, but also degradable and more environmentally friendly. The main raw material of disposable paper lunch boxes is pulp, and pulp is mainly derived from wood. However, with the increasing consumption of wood, the cost of wood pulp is also increasing, which presents a strange phenomenon-disposable environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes are not widely used in the market.

So is there a material that is also plant fiber instead of wood pulp?

Sugarcane pulp!

Sugarcane pulp is also a kind of paper pulp. It is made of sugarcane bagasse as raw material, and is formulated into a certain concentration of pulp through processes such as hydraulic pulping and high-temperature disinfection. This sugarcane pulp is a degradable and compostable plant fiber material!

As a biodegradable and environmentally friendly tableware company, FUTUR has one-stop services such as design, production, trade and storage. We can not only produce, but also design! FUTUR sugarcane pulp tableware uses sugar-squeezed bagasse as raw material instead of traditional Petroleum-derived plastics or foams are currently recognized as 100% environmentally friendly tableware and 100% degradable tableware globally.

FUTUR Bagasse Food Containers include bagasse round bowls, bagasse square bowls,bagasse portion packs and bagasse food presentation trays.There are matching CPLA, PP, PET lids. Meet all your needs.



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