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Unique Design Square Paper Bowls, Compostable & Biodegradable

In our daily life, we can often see all kinds of food packaging, but these food packaging is not only to protect the food from damage, but also to better display the food; good packaging design can help companies Improve sales performance.

Exquisite appearance is often the most important factor for many people when purchasing goods. Especially for food packaging, exquisite appearance products are the easiest to attract people’s attention. Food packaging design is mainly to show consumers and make It can understand the use of relevant information about the product, and it can choose and design based on a variety of factors such as size, size, and shape.

Our latest square paper bowl series, while protecting the food, the unique design can attract the attention of consumers; the unique design distinguishes it from the ordinary round paper bowls on the market and improves the recognition of your brand ; Can be customized printing, better display your corporate image.

 Hold your yummy food with them.

* 20oz (600ml) Square Paper Bowl 120*120*67mm
* 30oz (900ml) Square Paper Bowl 170*170*48mm
* 40oz (1200ml) Square Paper Bowl 170*170*62mm
PLA, PE and PP lined options. Can fit PP, PET and CPLA lids. Kraft and bamboo fiber paper available.



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