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What are the Best Lids for Your Hot Paper Cups?

What are the Best Lids for Your Hot Paper Cups?

When purchasing supplies for your coffee shop, you have quite a few options. Today we’re going to discuss your options for lids to go with your hot paper cups. There are two main options to decide between: traditional hot cup lids and flip-top lids.

Traditional Hot Cup Lids

Traditional hot cup lids have oval-shaped holes. The lids have a flat edge. They’re known for being easy to drink from and simple to stack.

Traditional hot cup lids are best for basic hot drinks like plain coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. These lids work best for drinks without foam or frills. It’s just a basic lid for a basic drink.

Flip-Top Lids

Flip-top lids have tabs so you can flip it open and closed when you want to drink it. They’re known for being great for travel because they deter spilling.

Flip-top lids are best for on-the-go customers. They work well for most hot drinks. Their main attraction is the ability to open and close the sipping hole. This makes them much better for traveling.

The best lids for your hot paper cups depend on the drinks inside them. If you sell mainly basic drinks, like black coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, the best lids for your hot paper cups are traditional hot cup lids. If your customers tend to be traveling or on-the-go more often, flip-top lids are for you.



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