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What is the Difference Between Single Wall Paper Cups and Double Wall Paper Cups

What is the Difference Between Single Wall Paper Cups and Double Wall Paper Cups?

With the frequent use of cardboard cups in organizations and events, they have also become a part of our daily life. For this reason, cardboard cups are produced in many different shapes and structures. Paper cups are generally produced in two forms, single-layered and double-layered. So, “What is the Difference Between Single-Fold Paper Cups and Double-Fold Paper Cups?”

To start off with the biggest difference between the two grades of coffee cups will be the price and the quality and thickness of the cup.
The most commonly used take out coffee containers are single wall paper cups for hot beverages that are normally available in sizes from 4 oz – 16 oz. These are made in high-quality food grade paper.

Single Wall Paper Cup is one of the disposable paper cups, also known as single-sided coated paper cups. It is a single wall cup with a smooth pe-coated layer inside the paper cup, which is generally used to hold drinking water and is convenient for people to drink. The raw materials of the single house are made of food-grade wood pulp paper + food-grade PE film.

Single Wall Paper Cups with Lids

Features of Single Wall Paper Cups:

  • It can be used in all soft drinks, regardless of whether they are hot or cold.
  • It is a very advantageous and affordable material.
  • It is among the most consumed product group.
  • Special design can be printed on it
  • Along with a recyclable structure, it is also made completely biodegradable type. They are nature-friendly products.
  • The event offers fast and practical solutions in offices, restaurants, and workplaces as well as organizations.
  • It has a durable structure against hot drinks.
  • It gives the opportunity to present a strong brand image for corporate names that want to make special prints.

The Double Wall Paper Cup, as the name suggests, means that the paper cup is double-walled and has two layers. The quality of the double wall paper cup is better than that of the single wall paper cup. The use time of the double wall paper cup is also longer than the use time of the single wall paper cup. It can also be used to hold hot beverages, such as hot coffee.

These double wall paper cups are manufactured with an air barrier between the inner and outer paper wall that creates an insulating air pocket keeping the drink warmer for a longer period of time and protecting your customer from the heat emitted from the hot beverage. They also protect from burning your hands on hot drinks and offer more stability when moving the drinks around.

Double Wall Paper Cups

Features of Double Wall Paper Cups:

  • It is considered as the top segment product of the cardboard glass industry.
  • Due to its double-layered cardboard structure, it keeps the hot drinks hot for a longer time.
  • Double-layered cardboard cups are highly resistant to heat and do not burn hands.
  • Better quality prints are produced thanks to its double-layered structure.
  • Double-layered cardboard cups, preferred by many businesses that want to highlight their coffee, can be used wherever normal cardboard cups are used.

In Conclusion

  • For Cold Drinks

Typically if you’re looking to use the paper cup for cold drinks, a single wall paper cup will suffice.

  • For Hot Drinks

When looking at using the paper cups for hot beverages, double wall and ripple wall paper cups offer greater insulation from the heat of the drink.

For hot drinks whether you go with a double wall paper cup or a ripple wall paper cup will come down to the look that you’re after and the price point that you want to pay – ripple wall paper cups are traditionally a little higher in price than the double wall paper cups.

But any branding on double wall paper cups is much easier to view on the smooth surface of the double wall cup than the corrugated surface of the ripple wall cups.

How do you tell the difference between single wall coffee cups and double wall coffee cups?

Run your finger down the side of the cup and if at the bottom of the cup there is an indentation – that’s a double wall paper cup.

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