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Double Wall Paper Cups

Wholesale Paper Cup Manufacturers

A paper cup is a product that is frequently preferred in events, organizations, or places where drinks are used by different people. For this reason, they are usually sold in bulk rather than individually. That’s why one of the most frequently asked questions about paper cups is wholesale paper cup manufacturers. Wholesale paper cup manufacturers provide many benefits both economically and meeting the needs. In this article we have compiled for you, you can see the benefits of buying wholesale paper cups and the advantages they provide for you.

Wholesale Paper Cups Benefits

Paper cups are usually among the most preferred event materials in crowded events or organizations. The main benefits of paper cups are as follows:

  1. You can serve the drinks to your guests as you wish, regardless of whether they are hot or cold.
  2. Thanks to their disposable structures, you will not have to worry about washing in your business where you sell tea, coffee, or other soft drinks, and you will make your business progress quickly.
  3. Thanks to their nature-friendly structure, you can recycle the paper cups you use by joining the recycling network.
  4. You can put an end to the trouble of washing dishes thanks to the paper cups you can choose for your stolen items.

While paper cups are so useful, the main benefits of buying paper cups in bulk can be listed as follows:

  • No matter how many guests you have, the paper cups you buy in bulk will more than meet your needs.
  • Buying paper cups in bulk is very affordable. Buying hundreds of glass cups will cost you a lot, but wholesale paper cups are much cheaper.
  • Storage is one of the best reasons to buy wholesale paper cups. Thanks to its interlocking structure, you can easily store as many paper cups as you want.

Paper Cups Size Guide

Probably the easiest decision to make when wholesale paper cups is the size and range of sizes that you need to serve your drinks. This can be based on the type of beverage, expected spend from the customer and profit margins etc. The below list shows the most popular paper cup sizes available in the disposables market and their typical uses.

  • 4oz – 118ml – Espresso Shot
  • 8oz – 227ml – Regular Coffee
  • 12oz – 355ml – Medium Coffee – Regular Soft Drink
  • 16oz – 473ml – Large Coffee – Medium Soft Drink
  • 20oz – 591ml – Large Soft Drink
  • 24oz – 710ml – Extra Large Soft Drink
  • 32oz – 946ml – Supersize Soft Drink


With the world waking up to sustainability, new materials for disposable cups are entering the market. Below is a list of the most popular terms used by manufacturers.

    A cup that is biodegradeable can be naturally broken down by microoranisms such as bacteria or fungi and absorbed back into the ecosystem. These products are composed of natural materials and generally considered the most “eco friendly” or “green” cups.
    These cups can be placed into compost bins and decay at the same rate as paper without releasing harmful toxins into the earth. They aren’t the same as biodegradable cups because they are made from man-made materials.
    Degradable cups cannot be broken down naturally but can be reduced to non harmful elements through chemical reaction intervention. The decomposition results in water, carbon dioxide and biomass.
    This simply means reusing material which was once discarded. The initial product completes it’s life cycle and is carefully recycled and made into another product. Many “standard cups” are made from recycled content however not all.
    Recyclable products are commonplace however almost everything can be recycled nowadays it just depends on the cost and processes involved. Major coffee chains are tasked by the government to increase the number of cups being recycled.

Types of Paper Cups Wholesale

Single Wall Paper Cups- Cold

The thinnest grade cup used primarily for cold drinks where risk of burning the customers hand is at a minimum.

Single Wall Paper Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups- Hot

The most cost effective option for serving hot beverages. A heavier weight material keeps the liquid insulated and the hand cooler.

Compostable Paper Cups For Hot Drinks

Double Wall Paper Cups- Hot

Used to keep hot drinks hot and the hand cool. Created using 2 thin walls joined to create an insulating layer.

If you need to wholesale paper cups for your business then we have a fantastic service to offer you. We focus on developing renewable & sustainable packaging for food industry to make a circular economy and create a green life in the end.



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